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**ratings.js** directive managing ratings, completely inherited from posts.js, like the corresponding factory RatingFact - these are used
only for domains with a non empty object in config.behaviour.postIsRating. Probably a good refactoring could make the code more DRY.
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## Git branches
Note that after having added the possibility to deploy a single domain not using master, and also to annote which commit of master has been deployed,
from a certain point on (around May 2018) we have some files on webserver1 (or 2 if the deployment was performed there) telling with the SHA of the commit that was last deployed for a given domain, i.e.:
[root@webserver1 firstlife]# cat /root/maps4all.txt
- autocompleteTag
- biennale
- cocitytag
- crucchi: right now deployed on (firstlife domain `wegovnow`) - needs some minimal tests on other domains without any _virtual entities_ before being merged with master. Waiting for the OTM integration to merge&deploy on the three pilot sites (input is needed from other WGN partners on this point, Claudio/OTM are waiting
for some last tweaks)
- dev
- markerLocator: old branch that has been merged and can be removed, bouncing/pulsating around markers when "locate on map" is clicked
- master: the main branch, ideally after development and testing has ended all branches should be merged here and a `golive` gulp
task could be used to have all domains in sync, in practice this has not been done during 2018
- nearby: old branch that has been merged and can be removed, adds a config to get a list of nearby Things when a new marker
is added and suggest them to the user to avoid duplicates
- new_tileserver: branch used to test locally FL client with our new internal tileserver, now used by all the wegovnow domains
- piuma: branch used for the main ratings development, has been merged with master
- printmap: old branch used to add a config adding a button to be able to download a jpg with the map and its markers
- regeneration: old branch used for new domain regeneration, has been merged with master
- removing_timeline: old branch used to add a config to hide completely the timeline, has been merged with master
- rollback
- staging
- tagsAutocomplete
- timeline_mods: branch used to experiment new interfaces and mods to the timeline
- unesco: old branch used for new domain unesco, **still unmerged**, last checks are in place
- unicarto: old branch used for new domain unicarto, has been merged with master
- virtualotm: branch used to experiment about virtual markers from OTM
- wall
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