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Minimal documentation for external services

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- autocompleteTag
- biennale
- biennale: branch used for new domain daspazioaluogo, that can show a youtube video for an entity, **still unmerged**
- cocitytag
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- timeline_mods: branch used to experiment new interfaces and mods to the timeline
- unesco: old branch used for new domain unesco, **still unmerged**, last checks are in place
- unesco: old branch used for new domain unesco, **still unmerged**, last checks are ongoing
- unicarto: old branch used for new domain unicarto, has been merged with master
# FirstLife external services
Other than the backend itself the client uses many services:
- tileserver for basic cartography in the form of raster maps (png)
- tileserver for area informations in the form of pbf
- a geocoder to obtain lat/lon from addresses
- a reverse geocoder to do the opposite
- slack to report warnings and other things (**partially not working**)
## Maps tileserver
It can be easily configured using the map section of the config json.
We can hook the client with tileservers serving png files receiving their tile coords (`x/y/z`) as parameters.
Right now we are using mapbox (linked to an account that will incur in payments depending on the n. of montly requests) for some
domains and an internal tileserver based on OSM data for others (i.e. WGN). mapbox can have different styles, we use another tileserver
in certain cases to have a dark theme for insert mode.
## Areas tileserver
This is an internal tileserver that serves areas (i.e. city blocks, buildings, neighborhoods) - these areas
are shown in insert mode - depending on the zoom the added markers will be linked to different areas.
## Geocoders
A geocoder is needed to offer a search by address in the search bar.
In the past we used mapzen but after the end of their service we switched to opencage - the used geocoder can be configured from the config json,
alongside certain parameters of their API and the areas where to look for addresses (certain km around a configurable point right now).
Opencage in its free tier offers 2500 request per day - a notification to slack has been set up to tell us when this limit is reached, but right now if this would happen the address based search would simply stop to work - this has not appened but not all domains use OpenCage right now (maps4all, regeneration, cocity, all WGN ones, daspazioaluogo certainly use it).
We are working on an internal geocoder (using Pelias) and probably will switch to use it, at least for all domains based in Italy.
## Reverse Geocoders
This is used to attach an address to the lat/lon of newly added makers.
We use nominatim for all domains right now.
## Slack
Slack is used to report errors of clients and geocoder issues on a given channel (`#logs`). Also failures of the png tileserver are logged there, to monitor our internal one.
Channels used when users click on the buttons to notify a content or become the owner of an entity should be probably fixed, they could have died when the slack channel codes changed (but I am not sure - they should also send a mail somewhere?)
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