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Added minimal code guide to ratings documentation

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## Minimal code guide
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The general structure of the code has been borrowed by the post code, therefore there is a `rating` directory for the templates, a directive `ratings.js`
and a factory called `RatingFact.js` - probably the directive could have been developed in a more DRY fashion avoiding a bit of code duplication but due to
time constraints we opted to KISS completely.
There are other templates and directive with small code additions to manage ratings, mainly `modal.js` to show the aggregated ratings.
Also the tab management in the modal with entities details has been simply changed to have a "Ratings" tab instead of a "Posts" one - this
behaviour is triggered using the config option `behaviour.postIsRating`.
Main issues faced during development, probably these notes are not useful for someone who knows well AngularJS:
- implementing `startWithOpenedRating` required a new app state to be defined in `EditorCtrl.js`, basically the information that we
finished adding a new Entity has to fall back up to the status management in `MapCtrl.js` to reach the modal containing entities details
and the tabs with ratings
- all templates have a switch to manage separately the three kind of ratings
- to adapt the objects with ratings, that we derive directly from the config, to the backend, some "adapter" methods were written in `RatingFact.js`
- some checks were added in `modal.js` to display the summarized ratings not only considering the config file but if the entity in question effectively has some ratings
This could be a good place to start refactoring code, especially if more complex ratings would be needed.
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